To put it simply, our capability is making sure that your capabilities get the attention they deserve.

We’re committed to telling your story as you would tell it: with accuracy, credibility, and enthusiasm. Like you, we realize that simply reciting the facts is never enough. We always strive to reveal the process that underlies every well-told story: the sequence of events or the chain of explanations that thoroughly clarifies the meaning of the narrative for the audience.

In our opinion, too much of what’s currently seen in business-to-business journalism and marketing communication lacks this crucial element of audience understanding. Our distinctive specialty is ensuring that your messages never deliver less than a fully comprehensive picture of your capabilities, no matter how complex or specialized your products and services may be.

With our help, your messages can take the form of professionally prepared:

  • press releases
  • feature articles
  • white papers and monographs
  • newsletters
  • product literature
  • capabilities brochures
  • direct mail materials
  • annual reports
  • speeches
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Web sites (design, development, and maintenance)
  • training modules

We work closely with you to refine your message, pinpoint the recipients, and select the most efficient methods of distribution. We carry out the project—be it a simple press release or a fully strategized p.r. campaign—in strict keeping with the timetable and the budget that you have authorized. We follow up the contacts, and we evaluate the impact. The result: the business-enhancing recognition that sets your organization and its activities apart. For more detail, please download our descriptive flyer here.