Liberty or Death Communications (LDC) is a consultancy specializing in research, education, promotion, and marketing support services for the printing and publishing industries. Its director, Patrick Henry, has been a business-to-business journalist, editor, publications director, and educator since 1977. The holder of numerous awards, Henry received, by vote of his peers, the 10th annual Tom McMillan Award for Editorial Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Graphic Arts Industry in 2008.

Henry is an expert in graphic communication technology who has published hundreds of articles in industry news media and taken part in many initiatives for knowledge-sharing, training, and recruitment. He also is an author and a university lecturer of many years’ standing.

For special projects, LDC can call upon the talents of some of the best-qualified and most respected journalists in the field. We are professional editors who observe the same high standards and follow the same deadline-driven routines as the editors we solicit on our clients’ behalf. Our hands-on understanding of the media we write for is what distinguishes our service and gives your message its best prospects for high-visibilty exposure.

The LDC advantage doesn’t stop at expertly written copy. Creative services (graphic design, photography, printing, etc.) can be provided upon request. We are available for on-site consultation as well as for assignments at trade shows, conferences, and other industry events.

Think of us as your all-in-one news service, p.r. counsel, training resource, and marketing communication department—instantly at your disposal, always responsive to your needs. For more detail, please download our descriptive flyer here.